SANAH SINGH TOMAR – Acting with boldness and integrity

When’s the last time you acted BOLDLY with INTEGRITY? Sanah Singh Tomar answers that and 9 other questions in the first of our Associate Leader Profiles:

  • 1.
    Where do you currently live and work?I currently live in Singapore, I work with clients in Singapore and across the globe.
  • 2.
    What's your current role?My current role is that of a transformation leader through my coaching practice.
  • 3.
    What's your business background?I am best described as a recent solopreneur, with a fire to steadily build a business.
  • 4.
    What makes you excited about Outstanding.Global?The Mission and the leadership. Connecting nature to human nature really calls out to me.
  • 5.
    What can businesses do to be more inclusive? Take a clue from tree tells another whether it can come to life, exist or grow. How do we humans do that? In a forest, if the conditions are appropriate, a seed will turn into a tree.
  • 6.
    If you could live in another country for a year, where would you choose and why? Bhutan.... A simple life that leads to harmony with nature and happiness.
  • 7.
    Do you have any tips for how to live a more sustainable life? Mindfulness of our daily actions, habits/practice, patterns. Doing as often as we can what is least damaging to us/our community and environment. Taking time out regularly to give back to the world in multiple ways is the only way to move ahead.
  • 8.
    What does your ideal day off look like? A day of restoring balance and doing activities that nourish my soul...working out, reading, spending time in nature, conversations with friends and family.
  • 9.
    What's your favourite wild space? The mountains preferably with a lake close by.
  • 10.
    When did you last act BOLDLY with INTEGRITY? Every time I show up as a leader in my coaching practice or as a parent or even as a daughter. Commitment to the roles I undertake is an expression of my boldness and integrity. This shows up daily in one way or another.

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