Leadership Development Programmes

At this time of extreme uncertainty and constant dizzying change, our only hope of survival and ‘thrival’ is to dare to jump way beyond our comfort zones – with eyes wide open – into the unknown.

“If you see the possibilities in everything then anything is possible.”

We specialise in leadership development to inspire inclusive thinking & action through immersive workshops which can all be carried out remotely.

Our offers include:

  • INTO THE UNKNOWNTaking everything you know and don’t know with you
  • BREAKING THE GLASSA powerful learning experience for women leaders
  • FROM LETHARGY TO LEGACYBeing 55+ is not the end - it is the chance to revitalise

Like elements of all of them? Contact us to partner with you to co-create a bespoke offer to meet precisely the needs of you and your team.

We are well versed in designing new programmes should your team require something audacious and completely original to kick-start them into re-evaluation and bold visioning.

Current Programme Offers

Into the unknown

Taking everything you know and don’t know with you

2021 and beyond will be challenging to say the least. Foremost we have to accept a new reality as we are asked to be more self-managing, entrepreneurial and adaptable. For this you will need a powerful vision: for yourself, your business, our planet – as well as a concrete step by step strategy for achieving it.

This fundamental life-changing adventure led by Nigel Hughes, will focus on your core competencies of Leadership that we call R.I.P. – Resilience. Innovation. Purpose. These equal the ability to respond to change – making the most of your strengths to create the outcomes you need.

Book here for a 90 minute virtual, interactive session.

“I have worked with Nigel on both his roles as Leadership Mentor and as powerful Coach. His dedication and ability to help me embark on a self-awareness journey has been of huge value and led me to reveal my true passion. An enriching experience”

Breaking The Glass

A powerful learning experience for emerging women leaders

Organisations all around the globe have recognised the vitality of gender diversity and its crucial contribution to business growth.

Janet Ogundele a global leader who has herself broken the glass, and award-winning writer Laura McClelland, will help you unravel how our biases constantly influence our judgement of ourselves and others, and how our unconscious behaviour can reinforce those biases. You will explore your life journey to date and reflect on how your story needs to unfold both for personal fulfilment and your career advancement.

“I had the pleasure to participate in three weeks of creativity that was an unforgettable journey giving insight into myself with clear findings of my strongest and weakest areas. And an important plan for my future.”

From Lethargy to Legacy

Being 55+ is not the end – it is the chance to revitalise

The 55+ group in any organisation can be viewed as less than effective as it strolls towards retirement. Inaction supports a lethargic attitude at senior level which can mar the reputation of both company and individual.

Nigel Hughes, who has recently re-invented himself at age 70, will help you look at new and unexpected circumstances that have to be entertained. Getting moving again – with fresh commitment and a strong nudge! – we realise any obstacles are surmountable and you can enjoy creating new energy, new hope and a legacy that you can be truly proud of.

This 3 to 6 month journey of rediscovery can be tailored to your organisation’s precise needs, individually or as a group. To be premiered with the Indian Government beginning March.

“It was an inspirational journey which gave me the confidence to make bold decisions”

Like elements of all our offers?

Contact us to partner with you to co-create a bespoke programme to meet precisely the needs of you and your team.

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