who we are

Promoting outstanding performance in leadership globally through our programmes and coaching.

Outstanding.Global was founded in 2019 by Nigel Hughes, a multi-award winning authority on leadership, creativity and diversity. For over 30 years, Nigel and his team have worked with some of the largest organisations and businesses throughout the world including Pepsico, Deutsche Telekom, Barclays and Capgemini, to name a few. We exist to break the mould, challenge the norm and achieve truly exceptional results for companies, teams and individuals through our leadership and training programmes.

Outstanding.Global and Open Hearted Leadership

If leaders cannot work together to build harmony or be open to each other’s ideas, how can they create collaborative systems that help them stand up and stand out?

Having an open-hearted mindset means being curious – learning first to understand. How to Accept change. Adapt to new ways of thinking and being. Discover and learn from mistakes.


For Individuals

Whether you’re looking for a new direction, to re-focus, to become more agile or simply to continue your development as a professional, we will question, challenge and allow you to flourish. You’ll become the best version of yourself and free from the shackles and obstacles that lie in your way. From years of experience working with c-suite leaders and top executives, we understand the challenges you face and our one to one coaching is tailored specifically for your personal situation and circumstances, as well as your goals and objectives..


For Teams

Are you looking to inspire your team? Are you looking to unleash their potential and make them as effective and efficient as possible? We’ve delivered inspirational seminars to some of the largest organisations in the world, all tailored specifically to them. We will invigorate and inspire your teams, resulting in greater productivity, job satisfaction and cohesion.