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“Nigel has rocked my world professionally. He has taught me how to dream big, believe, connect with myself and my purpose. He is a superb executive coach who is values driven; he cuts through the clutter of life and gets to the knub of you and how you can make a positive impact. His innovative, bold, creative style has directly influenced my leadership style and allowed me to inspire, connect and motivate those around me. He is hired by the best in industry around the globe – because he is the best. We need more people like this in the world!”
“Nigel’s has a profound zeal for life and desire to create a better world one person, one team and one organisation at a time. Where Nigel strides confidently forwards others can too. He has the talent, tools and tenacity to inspire a greater level of consciousness and ‘can-do’ attitude in every individual he interacts with”
“Janet has authored and championed a great personal development process for the team… and helped us navigate through many tricky internal issues. It is rare that an internal partnership works so effectively and in my view this is largely down to Janet.”
“I have had the great pleasure of working with Nigel over several years, first while I was an employee at Bertelsmann and currently as co-founder at VC-funded startup, Sprinque. Nigel really knows how to get to the bottom of issues and topics through a series of clever questions and exercises. Working with Nigel is a life-changing experience and there is never a dull moment with his sessions! I would highly recommend Nigel and his team!”
“As a coach, Nigel actively listens, provides clear guidance and constructively challenges. During our time working together, I’ve come to value his advice which is always balanced and well thought out. Nigel is a colourful character, with strong integrity and personal values – always helps make a session interesting!!!”
“Laura has a talent for connecting with people. She is generous with her time and talent to people around her and always ready to give of herself”
“Tom’s workshop was very thought provoking. It ignited ideas on how we can build trust in our customer interactions.”
“Sanah’s sincerity and discipline to excellence is commendable. She values individuality in others while maintaining her own strong persona.”
“Nigel’s sessions for senior people in corporations are both riveting and transformational.”
“Nigel has the talent, tools and tenacity to inspire a greater level of consciousness and ‘can do’ attitude in every individual he interacts with”
“I have worked with Nigel on both his roles as Leadership Mentor and as powerful Coach. His dedication and ability to help me embark on a self-awareness journey has been of huge value and led me to reveal my true passion. An enriching experience”

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