A hands-on, fun and easily doable project

Turning ethos into action, we offer your business an invigorating practical experience of hands-on conservation work – great for team building, great for your CSR, and great for looking Greta Thunberg in the eye!

All you need is a strip or corner of unused ground. If you don’t have this, talk with your local school or Parks Dept – somewhere there will be a nearby piece of land ideal for planting. It could be for a small wood, a copse, or even a new hedge.

We will provide the guidance and tools to inaugurate your project and mentor your team in designing your area, choosing the species, planting and managing the trees – and if you desire it, involving local schools and community.

Begin it now, however small. Every native tree provides a home and sustenance to an untold number of insects, birds and animals. Not to mention beautifying your vicinity and providing an air purifying machine!

“Thank you for yet another afternoon of inspiration, care and love. I will cherish this experience of being with you all and having planted trees.”


Office workers getting their hands dirty!

Treemendus projects are already springing up in the UK, India and Poland.